jon richter

Application for a Scholarship

Friday, January 30, 2015
The Zachary Watson Memorial Education Fund is seeking one promising young artist and technologist to support. Maybe it is me they are looking for?

When being asked how to further my education, I feel a delightful warmth of hope for the current endeveaurs and struggles I'm trying to master. Please let me explain this sentiment a little further, before I will go on to plan an intensified, hypothetic self-education process.

While engaging myself for the Commons, I am confronted with the very effects of precarious working conditions. Next to academic and commercial efforts, voluntary network engineering, in both the literal and technical term, became the main vector of my action research projects.

Ranging from a Critical Cartography of Urban Gardening in Berlin (, a Collaborative Research on Collective Urbanism in Paris ( and continuous reflection about Self-Organization and -Governance Patterns ( to the Deployment of Communication Infrastructures, Event Procurement and External Communication for institutions and initiatives in the field of Organized Networks for Critical Urbanism ( + + + +, my interest always circles around topics of Collective Intentionality (in a Philosophy of Mind sense) interwoven with Federated Knowledge Creation + Preservation by ICT (in a Critical Media Studies perspective).

Unfortunately I am unable to find a commercial activity field for my talents, as I like to vertically integrate, for others often too many, factors, which also contradicts the educational narratives within I find myself embedded since almost ten years. With only a slight sight of the first degree on the horizon.

Yet since about three years during introductions, people regularly ask me about the topic of my PhD, which is repeatedly embarrassing. But I've received my lessons and try to get out of financial instability. Your funding could actually make a great difference to me, because it would allow me to clear some debt and reinstantiate my believe in goodwill and solidarity.

Any support would help to substantiate my ongoing activities by allowing me to deliver a clearer epistemological foundation. Influenced by Practical Philosophy, therefore Discoursive Ethics, and the Craftsmanship of Informational Design, I am willing to conclude my disperse and rhizomatic evaluations of tempospatial and topologic relations in more linearly written and interactive forms. Because deceleration and slowness are my key components to profoundly reflect on complex issues.

The crux then is to continuously aggregate and inference a plurality of arguments into an easily conceivable representation of federated conversations. By maintaining Pattern Languages of Autonomous Self-Governance and Self-Deployed, Civic Semantic Web Infrastructure and Services.

Yes, please let me do that!

I am eagerly waiting for a chance to break free, and even only a little more, from neoliberal constraints of Marketing and Attention Economies. In a time that turns universities dependent of corporations and where social responsibility doesn't account for the weird, please, I insist, help me to further refine and condense the grammar and language from above into accessible terms for everyday language.

There remains a slight chance my hypotheses can infect public discourse and foster the new ways of mutualizing we're already encountering on a very basic level.