jon richter

Another unsuccessful application for a scholarship

Thursday, April 09, 2015
While writing an application, let's post another application!

The Call for Proposals of the next FLOSS4P2P workshop, which only recently catched my eyes, asks me to express my interest on applying to a travel and subsistence scholarship.

I am writing in the context of the TransforMap programme, formerly known as MMM, which aims at visualizing alternative economies and social innovation, based on OpenStreetMap and Linked Data. Our work is especially relevant, as we are a community of communities (Solidary Economy, Commons, collaborative economy, commons-based peer production, welfare economy, etc.) that does not have any legal status. Yet, our aim is compellingly complex.

Next to the fund, I can offer a presentation to introduce our work. An additional lightning talk in regards of our TransforLab Horizon 2020 contribution would be astonishing!

Please feel free to read more by following the links at .

My personal involvement into the process touches questions of communication + mapping infrastructure, community building, organization of events, communication and exchange, information architecture as well as a counseling role to transform our data modeling process from OpenStreetMap to Linked Data.

I am working for civil society initiatives since 2009, primarily the id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability from Berlin, the critical urbanist's collective quatorze from Paris and only recently in an advisory role for the young urbanist's network stadt:gestalten and Technical University's Project Seminar "Soziale Initiativen 2.0", both from Berlin again. By touching the circles of MMM, I have been involved with many other organizations, like OuiShare, Edgeryders, Ecobytes, Degrowth and the Anstiftung & Ertomis foundation. Non-institutional work included urban appropriations like Spreeacker or Funkhaus GrĂ¼nau next to critical mapping with orangotango and Georilla plus the media arts collective circus homo novus.

As the monetary, commercial aspects of my everyday are on a constant decline and working for the Commons doesn't pay off (yet?), I would feel highly inclined if you invited me to participate.